Ruby Red Granite Ogee with Rounded Shoulders and Base

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In honour of your beloved's life, embrace enduring elegance with this resilient Ruby Red Granite ogee headstone. The timeless curve of its ogee apex, coupled with a steadfast base and a singular memorial flower vase, creates a tribute of lasting beauty and significance.

Included in the headstone's cost is the expertise of our skilled memorial masons, overseeing its installation along with essential foundations and a dependable ground anchor system. For the memorial inscription, you have the liberty to select up to 100 letters without additional charges, with a minor fee per additional letter.

For deeper insights, please reach out through the "enquire" button or consider visiting our esteemed headstone showrooms located in Newport.


27” x 21″ x 3″

Base Dimensions

3” x 24” x 12″

Price Includes

  • Ruby Red Granite Ogee with Rounded Shoulders and Base
  • VAT (at current rate)
  • Memorials as shown
  • Free inscription of first 100 letters
  • Foundations and ground anchor system
  • Memorial installation
  • 30 year guarantee