Bahama Blue Granite Clumber Headstone with Polished Chamfer Detail

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Reflect upon the significance held within the Bahama Blue Granite Clumber Headstone, distinguished by its elegant oval shape, impeccably polished chamfered elements, and its sturdy base—a fitting homage to preserve the memory of your dearly departed.

The cost of this headstone encompasses the skilled installation performed by our proficient stone artisans, coupled with the provision of foundational support and a robust ground anchor system. Personalisation presents you with the opportunity to engrave up to 100 letters without any charge, with a nominal fee applicable for additional text. This memorial is further fortified by a 30-year guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind.

For a more comprehensive insight, we invite you to make use of the "inquire" button or embark on a visit to our headstone showroom situated in Newport. Your quest for information holds great importance for us, and our dedicated team stands ready to provide you with assistance.



Price Includes

  • Bahama Blue Granite Clumber Headstone with Polished Chamfer Detail
  • VAT (at current rate)
  • Memorials as shown
  • Free inscription of first 100 letters
  • Foundations and ground anchor system
  • Memorial installation
  • 30 year guarantee