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The hand carved headstones and memorials that our memorial masons craft here at W.S Moore are meticulously made with such attention to detail.

It’s this focus, level of stonemasonry skill and century-long experience within the memorial industry that we feel truly helps set us apart from other memorial providers across Newport and South Wales.

The Tradition of Hand Carved Headstones & Memorials

There is a rich history when it comes to traditionally hand carved headstones and memorials that dates back hundreds if not thousands of years.

If you visit an old churchyard or cemetery in Newport, you’re sure to find a range of beautifully crafted old headstones and monuments, the vast majority of which are likely to have been passionately hand carved by a local memorial mason.

Memorial stonemason hand carving letters into a natural stone headstone with hammer and chisel

Modern Memorial Machinery

The invention and on-going progression of modern memorial machinery has arguably led to a reduction of interest surrounding hand carved memorials.

That is not to say that interest has instead been directed to an inferior memorial product, as that isn’t the case – modern memorials can still be created with quality stone materials that offer both incredible beauty and durability – but we do believe there is a strong element of uniqueness and a truly personal touch that comes attached with a hand carved rustic headstone or other memorial.

The Appeal of Hand Carved Headstones & Memorials

Hand carved headstones and memorials most appeal to those who are searching for a memorial that is as exceptional and unique as the loved one they are honouring.

Many vicars also prefer the thought of their churchyard being adorned with beautiful natural stone headstones that have been crafted by hand.

There can be no doubt that a hand carved memorial made from a natural stone stands out from the rest, offering creative freedom that cannot be matched by mass produced memorials – all while naturally blending into any environment and even improving over time with the effects of natural weathering.

Four hand carved rustic headstones

A Bespoke Process to your Hand-Crafted Memorial

The final result of a beautifully hand carved bespoke memorial that you can appreciate with each visit is important, but that is just one part of your journey with us.

The conversations we have about your loved one and the way in which you hope to uniquely honour their life and memory, the design ideas we discuss, the drawing out of these designs, and the process we each experience as we turn design concepts into a reality with passion and care is also part of our very important journey together.

When these things are combined, it is the entire story and process that makes a hand carved headstone or other memorial truly special.

Here at W.S Moore, we have been crafting bespoke memorials for families across Newport and South Wales since 1920.
To learn more about how we can help your honour your loved one, don’t hesitate to get in touch to book a consultation with our team of compassionate family advisors. You can contact us by calling 01633 855 902, e-mailing info@wsmoore.co.uk or by completing our convenient online booking form.

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