Memorial Restoration

Here at W.S Moore, we offer a professional Memorial Restoration service for existing memorials that have been weathered or damaged over time. Memorials can become weathered due to natural pollutants such as algae causing damage; this can lead to an unkempt or dirty appearance.

Many companies will offer a ‘quick fix’ solution to this which usually involved the use of harsh chemicals. With over 100 years of experience, we know that these chemicals often cause more damage in the long run.

Correct memorial restoration requires expert skills and knowledge, which our team have.

We are committed to guaranteeing longer term solutions and satisfaction, which is why we provide a full memorial restoration service. Our team of experienced masons are experts in the upkeep and restoration of memorials, using gentle yet efficient techniques, all at a fair price. We use specialist, time-honoured cleaning processes that remove a microscopic layer of the dirty, damaged surface of the stone without causing any further damage.

With our wealth of experience in hand-crafting stone, we restore as much by hand as we possibly can – be it inscription work or intricate painting we ensure the highest possible quality from our artisans.

Where required we employ state-of-the-art masonry cutting and polishing technology to restore memorials to their perfect form. Our trained experts guarantee the utmost precision in their work.

The weather can be unkind to memorials. We assure their lustre is restored with expert re-gilding and enamel painting for all details featured on any type of memorial.

When our work is done on the memorial itself, we provide an exceptional re-leveling procedure where required that ensures the memorial is safe and secure in any cemetery.

Memorial Aftercare® is a service that provides fully comprehensive maintenance for your loved one’s memorial. We ensure complete peace of mind that the memorial is thoroughly checked, cleaned and cared for.

Before Memorial Aftercare®

After Memorial Aftercare®

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