Why You Should Choose a Granite Headstone

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It can be challenging to know which material is best for a headstone, but here at W.S Moore Memorial Masons, we are on hand to help. We understand the importance of finding a memorial that will truly stand the test of time and we recognise that you want to commemorate your loved one with a memorial that is both long-lasting and attractive.

This is why we offer a wide selection of quality granite memorials that will perfectly honour a departed loved one.

Granite is one of the most popular choices for a memorial, and it is not hard to see why.

This quality stone can withstand harsh weather conditions and can retain its beauty for years to come. It is a lower-cost option compared to other quality natural stones and can be used to make more intricate memorials than most other stones.

There are many benefits to choosing a granite headstone, but here we explore the top advantages.


Durable memorial headstone made from granite material

Granite’s unique composition means that it is a very robust stone that will last for hundreds of years to come. It has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures as well as general weathering over time, meaning your memorial will continue to look beautiful for decades after it is first fitted.

True granite is also more resistant to chipping and scratching compared to other natural stones, and will also resist the general discolouration that can affect other stones.


Beautiful granite headstone material

Granite comes in a range of natural colours, and usually contains specks of gold, blue, grey, or green, depending on the minerals present.

It also can be polished to a glossy sheen which pulls out the beautiful colours within the grain or honed to an attractive matt finish.

No two granites will be the same due to the natural properties of the stone. This means that no two granite headstones will ever be the same, ensuring your loved one has a completely unique memorial.


Versatile granite headstone

Granite is a highly versatile stone that can be easily engraved, carved, and etched into almost any requested design.

You have a much wider scope of flexibility with granite than with other stones, ensuring your memorial perfectly matches your design ideas.


Inexpensive granite material

Although incredibly durable, beautiful, and available in a wide range of colours and shades, granite is a relatively low-cost option for a memorial material.

It is found commonly across the world, which means it can be obtained at a reasonable price. You are also getting more for your money with granite, as it will generally require less maintenance and will last longer than other stones and materials.

Here at W.S Moore, we have a vast selection of quality granite headstones available in a range of designs and finishes. Based in Newport, we have expert knowledge of local cemeteries in Newport and South Wales, and can offer advice and guidance in finding the perfect granite memorial for your lost loved one.

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