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St Woolos Church in Newport, South Wales

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Here at W.S Moore Memorial Masons in Newport, we work closely with a number of cemeteries in the Newport region as well as cemeteries located in the surrounding areas. With over 100 years of experience, we can offer you expert advice and guidance in finding the right memorial for your loved one in any of these cemeteries.

Churchyards and cemeteries often have their own unique rules with regards to which memorial types and styles you can install within their grounds, so it’s important for you to work with a memorial mason who has expert knowledge of your particular churchyard or cemetery.

Find out more about some of the most popular Newport and South Wales based cemeteries we work with below.

St Woolos Cemetery

The main cemetery in Newport, St Woolos, occupies 14 acres of land close to the city centre.

It was established in 1854 and was the first municipally constructed cemetery in Wales. 

It remains the most popular choice for burials in Newport today. 

The cemetery contains four chapels and has sections for a variety of memorials including traditional, lawn, infant and cremation.

There is a green burial section that is designed to be a ‘return to nature’ area and encourages wildlife to inhabit the grounds.

Main entrance to St Woolos Cemetery in Newport

Christchurch Cemetery

Situated in the peaceful outskirts of Newport, Christchurch Cemetery is an idyllic final resting place.

It was first established in 1882, and is home to 49 commemorations for casualties of First World War, and 38 from the Second World War.

Christchurch Cemetery in Newport, South Wales

Llwyncelyn Cemetery

Designated as a Local Nature Reserve, Llwyncelyn Cemetery in Cwmbran contains wildlife of special ecological interest.

The cemetery was first opened in 2011 and has capacity for 7,000 graves.

The cemetery contains a mixture of traditional, lawn, cremated and infant memorial sections.

This Cwmbran cemetery also offers ‘green burials’.

Green burials involve biodegradable coffins or caskets that are eco-friendly and preserve the habitat within.

Llwyncelyn Cemetery in Cwmbran, South Wales

Gelligaer Cemetery

Situated in the picturesque Rhymney River valley, Hengoed, Gelligaer Cemetery is a beautifully scenic burial ground.

The cemetery was first opened in 1935 and is set in 6 acres of land in the town of Gelligaer.

It contains memorials for 5 casualties from the Second World War.

Gelligaer Cemetery in Hengoed, South Wales

Panteg Cemetery

Located the heart of Pontypool, Panteg Cemetery is one of the main cemeteries in the Borough of Torfaen.

It covers an area of around 20 acres, and is home to the only Chapel in Torfaen, which can accommodate around 70 people.

This cemetery is now closed for new burials but continues to facilitate additional burials in existing graves.

It contains a large Garden of Remembrance for the scattering of cremated remains, but does not allow markers for individual remains.

This Pontypool Cemetery is home to the memorials of 37 casualties from the First and Second World Wars.

Panteg Cemetery in Torfaen, South Wales

Blaenavon Cemetery

Blaenavon Cemetery in Pontypool, also known as Varteg Road Cemetery, is located high on a hillside.

The cemetery offers spectacular views of the surrounding areas.

First opened 1915, this large cemetery is home to a number of memorials for casualties from the First and Second World Wars.

Blaenavon Cemetery in Pontypool, South Wales

Danygraig Cemetery

Danygraig Cemetery in Risca, South Wales

Image by Jaggery, Geography, CC-BY-SA 2.0 via Creative Commons

Caerleon Cemetery

Caerleon Cemetery in Newport, South Wales

Image by Jaggery, Geography, CC-BY-SA 2.0 via Creative Commons

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